Fume-a-Wand Cyanoacrylate Fuming Kit w/Butane

Designed to simplify the cyanoacrylate fuming process, the Fume-a-Wand allows fumes to be directed onto any surface. Simply remove the safety cap, place a glue cartridge in the chamber basket and activate. The chamber basket is designed to hold new cyanoacrylate pellets or the old-style cartridges. A controlled vapor cloud is emitted from the basket for up to two minutes for continuous processing. The Fume-a-Wand features a built-in stand which prevents the tip from contacting the surface it is resting on. The safety cap can be placed on the wand while still hot and features a locking arm which prevent the Fume-a-Wand from activating while the cap in on the wand. This Fume-a-Wand kit is supplied with a can of Butane and requires an additional surcharge to ship by air or export. This kit contains a wand, cartridge basket, 10 cyanoacrylate pellets, can of Butane and a removal tool all stored in a molded case.

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