Polilight® PL500SC

The Polilight® PL500SC has been specifically designed to assist the forensic scientist to efficiently carry out an examination at the scene-ofcrime. All the quality features of the PL500 are enhanced in the upgrades of the PL500SC, incorporating a graphic display remote control, a 5 meter (16 foot) light guide, a redesigned power supply and a simplified front control panel. These enhancements provide greater mobility for the scene examiner by keeping all the working features at hand and not requiring travel back to the base unit for light feature changes. The remote control features the new state-of-the-art 128 x 68 element LED graphic display which gives excellent visual display whatever the environment; bright sunlight or dark nights. The housing of the remote can be fixed to the light guide, or the user’s belt, and the six buttons allow full control of all functions of the light source, including on/off, filter selection, tuning, power output and shutter control. All functions selected are displayed on the remote while the operator is 5 meters (16 foot) away from the instrument.



  • Designed specifically for on-site crime scene work
  • Highly portable: 15 foot light guide option
  • Hi-tech, Easy-to-Use Remote Control: Full control and graphics and operational from up to 15 feet away with only 6 buttons
  • Advanced, new Power Supply
  • Lamp life up to 3000 hours, depending on use
  • Streamlined 6-Button Front Panel and Power Switch
  • Easy Turn-On and Smart Shutdown


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